I founded MediaSeattle back in 2002 when I began selling radio advertising. Being new to the sales world, most of my clients were quite small. What was more surprising is many of these potential clients didn’t have websites. So, I taught myself some basic HTML and graphic design and I was off! I started offering to help those new clients set up their websites and that’s how I got into web design.

As I leaned into Digital Marketing, it was clear that this was my destined career path. My first official web job was with Entercom Radio in Seattle. I had the pleasure of managing websites for some of the coolest radio stations in town. As consolidation continued to occur in the world of radio, I started looking for the next step in my career.

Over those years, I continued to help friends and family with websites however things don’t stay the same in technology for long. Digital Advertising started to push traditional advertising to the side. Mobile phones were getting smarter and basic websites no longer were enough to compete. Now, that I have settled into Ecommerce and Digital Marketing, my goal is to start giving back to my community. I want to help new and small businesses navigate the complexities of building a website, buying digital advertising, and following the best practices to set them up for success.

With every version of my website has come to a new phase in my development. This new site is the beginning of taking all that I have learned over the years and giving it back to my community.

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