Given the trajectory of radio as an industry, further consolidation should be expected. When Seattle radio had its shake up when CBS sold off its Seattle properties. The transaction also killed of country staple KMPS. And what was iHeart going to do with two Top 40 stations. Well, KUBE had revived its hip hop format just years before this all began.

But the game of radio consolidation is about taking out your competitors. And that is exactly what iHeart did when it bought KUBE. It beefed up the morning show on KISS and continued to pump energy into developing the show. Apparently it still wasn’t making good business sense and two month ago, KUBE was relegated to the an alternative digital station like some many popular Seattle radio formats like The Mountain.

iHeart chose to simply simulcast KISS 106.1 on the 93.3 FM signal. Talk about cheap! It is amazing to see such a cost cutting measure to ditch an entire format. Especially considering it being broadcast on 93.3 Channel 2. I wait anxiously to see what they might have in store for this frequency.

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